Metaware Limited, LLC
Based in Seattle, WA

Founding date:
June 2, 2014


Press / Business contact:


Available upon request.


XLR is a cooperative multiplayer tower defensive first person heist game. Yeah, we need a better label or at least an acronym! In XLR you will compete against other pioneers as you set out to a hostile world to mine as many resources as you can before you are overrun by insect like mechanical aliens.


Metaware Limited, LLC - Early history
Metaware Limited, LLC was started by two long time friends who met in college, then spent a decade apart doing their own things. After playing some open world construction games together, we were unable to find something that really satisfied us. So we formed Metaware Limited, LLC and published our own take on the genre: Cubic (later renamed to Metaverse).

After that
Metaverse has been on sale on Steam since September 29, 2014. We released Metaverse Construction Kit, a free creative mode building game with Steam Workshop support, at the end of 2015. In early 2016 we began development on XLR, a first person tower defense game in virtual reality, targeting the HTC Vive.